Girls' Day released 'Female President' with nine-tailed fox dance

Girls' Day released 'Female President' with nine-tailed fox dance

Girls' Day, one of the kpop girl group, released their new album 'Female President' two days ago. The song <Female president> is a song that women could approach to guys, rather than guys approach girls usually. The lyrics also talking about woman can do that as we are living in the era that female became a president.

But they got spotlighted with their shocking sexy dance, called 'nine-tailed fox dance'. Nine-tailed fox is a orally passed story. It is a legendary fox that has lived for over a thousand years and can change their appearance as an attractive female that charms males and eventually eat those guys. As it eat a male, it gains a tail one by one. And after it gained 10 tails, it becomes a human. Therefore this legendary nine-tailed fox is a pronoun for attractive and charming female.

The new song of Girls'day has choreography which seems to refer the fox. With sexy and attractive choreography, they all wear the costumes with tails attached. People started to call it 'nine-tailed fox dance', in korean, goomiho-chum(구미호춤). With their super sexy new song and dance, they are getting the hottest spotlight now.

By the way, they had showcase stage at a pool! after they performed their song, they all dived into the pool, too.

It was the first time ever that girl group does their showcase at a pool and also dive :P By the way, as they dived into the pool after their sexy dance and sexy costumes, people are all getting interested in their new song, obviously :P well, i like their new song. It matches well with summer spirit, i think. You can listen to the song below;

photo credit: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=382&aid=0000112688

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