SISTAR - Give it to me

SISTAR - Give it to me

Sexy diva, Sistar came back on the stage. One of the most famous kpop girl group, SISTAR consists of 4 members. They are famous as sexy divas, and they are quite different from other kpop girl groups. To tell the truth, people do not think they are super pretty, but they are good. They have their own beauty for each. That is because so many kpop celebs do plastic surgery and become resemble to each other, SISTAR, who did not have any surgery, has their own strong point from others that makes them popular.(photo credit - sistar official twitter)

SISTAR deserves to be called as 'Diva'. They are all really good at singing and dancing. Especially Hyorin is known as such a great singer. She is one of the greatest singers above all members of kpop girl groups. And SISTAR's song, every time they release their song, always gets into the top ranks. (photo credit - sistar official website)

So, here they come again. Their recent song, 'Gone not around any longer' which was sung by only two of them called SISTAR19 (Hyorin & Bora), was also on the top of the ranks. And they are ready to be on the top, with altogether.

Their new song 'Give it to me' represents the sorrow because of hurt by love. Tense strings and tango rhythm maximize their sexiness and passion. You can check the music video below;

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