Suzy & Lee Seung-gi's hotty kiss!!

Suzy & Lee Seung-gi's hotty kiss!!

Yesterday, in "Gu Family Book", one of hot kdrama, Lee seung-gi and Suzy(MissA) kissed hotly!


Usually, most of dramas just show the stopped scene while actors are kissing. But "Gu Family book" showed hot 'kissING' scene yesterday, which were enough to be a hot issue for today!


Gang-chi (Lee Seung-gi) and Yeo-wool(Suzy) confirmed their love to each other and kissed. Gang-chi rescued Yeo-wool from Wol-lyong, with frightened and relieved, they started to kiss. The thing is that, after they kissed shortly, they were looking at each other for a moment. And then Suzy started to kiss him again X) So cute and romantic!

You can check the scene below ;

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