2NE1 - Falling in Love [m/v]

2NE1 released their new song 'Falling in Love'!
See how they changed and all so beautiful! Especially, Dara got her hair blonde :)

Their new song 'Falling in Love' is, obviously, a song when you fall in love. So it has pretty sweet lyrics :)

And of course, they are 2NE1! top of top kpop girl groups! As long as they released their new song, they got into the ranks of every music charts in korea.

For this time, they turned into reggae style. Even though it is about sweet lovey dovey song, the song obviously shows their own style, in spite of the fact that they are new for reggae genre. Their choreography also includes some reggae motions, said CL. in their last album they were more like cyborg style, but this time, they came into lovely and much girlish than before, but still unique! 

The most exciting part of their news is that they are planning to release new songs for each month until october! so we will meet at least 3~4 new songs soon.

By the way, you can check 2NE1's newly-released song, 'Falling in Love' below:

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