Xia Junsu- Isn't this song funny?

Xia Junsu- Isn't this song funny?

Xia Junsu in JYJ recently released his own album <incredible>. Well then one of his bonus tracks got spotlighted by netizens. The song is named <Isn't this song funny?> by Xia himself. His song <Isn't this song funny?> is true funny song. its electric sound and exciting beat go well with funny lyrics. Xia said that he wrote the lyrics with what he wanted to talk about in ordinary days rather than intense love story. He used his mentions in twitter, too. With Boom, one of korean stars, narrated, this song is on hot issues.

But it might be understandable when you can understand korean..

Lyrics are mostly composed of below sentences;

Isnt this song funny? I think its funny thou i made it.
People laughed at this song, too.
This song is funny, isnt it?

you should listen to this song. it is super funny for real lol

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