EXO's new song - Growl got the 1st rank

EXO's new song <Growl> got the 1st rank at the kpop music chart.

One of kpop rookie bands, EXO, released their new song - Growl. As soon as this song was released, it got into the top 1st rank in every kpop music charts.Their new album 'XOXO(Kiss&Hug)' also got the first album as soon as it was released.

Exo's new song 'Growl' is a song about a guy who is 'growling' to keep his girl from the other guys. Its genre is urban and R&B with wonderful dance. It uses some unique sounds as accompaniment. And their dance is truly cool. You can check it below :)

I think EXO is the best above all kpop rookies these days. They are all handsome, and really good at dancing, too. Their songs are all good, too. And i like their music style, too. It is really like 'cool asian' lol

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