Kpop No.1 these days - Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar

Kpop No.1 these days - Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar

Have you ever heard about Crayon Pop? This is the hottest kpop girl band in korea these days. They debuted last year, but i dont think they had that much popularity at that time. However, they released their new album in this summer, and their song is running the top rank no.1 these days in korea. Surprisingly, their song got to be known to people because of its weirdness(?). Their song was so weird and their dance, concept, fashion were all so weird. Well, their concept was not normal when they debuted, too. However, their new song has really, really abnormal conception! And their song is weirdly so addictive that everyone is so into this song.

Let me introduce the song - Bar Bar Bar by Crayon Pop.
You can check the music video below.

Their fashion - with colorful tracksuits and helmets, they are not like other girl groups in korea.

Also, people named their dance as "Straight-5engine dance". Five girls are bouncing up and down like engine cylinders, so as named. And this choreography was the beginning of their unexpected popularity. After they released their new album, they got spotlight because of this weird dance. People said about this dance as what a funny and weird dance they do. However, this weird and new concept started to attract so many people to be addicted to their song! Anyway, even though people laughed at their new dance, they are now on top rank in korea!

Photo credits: Crayon Pop official page

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