KARA - 'Damaged Lady' - they became masculine?!

KARA - 'Damaged Lady' released! - They look so tough!

KARA came back with their new album <Full Bloom>. They came back with totally different image from before. KARA's concept was really girly, cute and sexy. However, for this album, they changed their image as tomboy. The main song of their new album, 'Damaged Lady', is pretty newish french pop style song with rock band. The song is about how one girl feels after the breakup with her ex-boyfriend. But then after the breakup, she becomes mature and calm, chic and charismatic to herself. All members of KARA changed to masculine outfit to show those feelings. I think it is the first time to show such masculine concept from KARA. It feels really new and they are still so sexy (even more with such masculinity) and pretty!

photo credit: http://kara.dspmedia.co.kr/

You can check their music video below;

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