BigBang TOP's new movie - The Commitment (2013) coming soon!

BigBang TOP's new movie - The Commitment (2013) coming soon!

T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) from BigBang, one of the most popular and oldest Kpop boy group, has played in some movies. He is such a good rapper, but also he is good at acting. In November, (in a few days!) his new movie comes out - The Commitment.  This movie is a story about a boy who became a spy from North Korea because of his sister.

North Korea is well known with their tough and intense reign of their people. It is known that there are so many threats to be arrested due to national security, and that there are many north korean spies in south korea. This movie has that as a background. TOP and his family were arrested, and the government required TOP to become a spy in south korea to rescue his sister, Kim Yu-jung. Only mission that TOP got was to assassinate someone in south korea. So he went down to south korea, and the movie is a story of him.

You can check the official trailer below: 

Unlike the trailer, it is said that it is more like action movie - rather than drama. I think this movie will show TOP as powerful and charismatic with his action scenes! Yay!

So the movie is coming soon - in 2 days.By the way, there was a preview of the movie yesterday, and TOP made so cute pose XD


It was his 'cheers' pose thou :P
So cute TOP!

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