G-Dragon's new album

G-Dragon's new album <COUP D'ETAT>

Have you heard new G-Dragon's songs? G-Dragon, the leader of Kpop group Big Bang, is also a composer. From the beginning, he has composed their songs and known as a genius. With his new 2nd single album, he again proved that he is a true genius :) All songs of his album are ranked top in Kpop music charts. Usually, one or two songs of one album get high rank, but this rule was not applied to Gdragon. You should listen to all, literally all of his songs for sure! The another interesting fact is that his two songs are competing out of top 3 songs in Kpop charts. lol

G-Dragon - COUP D'ETAT

All of his songs are great, but some songs are awesome.. You may listen to them below:


The title song of his album Coup d'etat. This song and its music video have somewhat creepy and dreary aura like Big Bang's recent songs..

Crooked MV

One of the most popular title songs from GD's album <Coup d'etat> - Crooked. This song is more like Big Bang's songs in the beginning.

Black (Feat. Jennie Kim)

Another greatest song is named 'Black'. This song is pretty calm song. Jennie Kim, a singer from YG entertainment which GD is in, sings the melody with GD's rapping. I like this song the most! And Jennie Kim's voice is also so attractive :)

Anyway all of GD's songs are so great..!!

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  1. Yeah, sure, I've heard a lot of good words about him, listened to his and his band's songs, watch videos with interviews. He's great and I do love his style. I can't say, that I love http://www.camsloveaholics.com//blondie less, but he's not a hot blondie to please me so much. That's normal, but I prefer sexy chicks.