2NE1 - new song "Missing You"

2NE1 - new song "Missing You"

Kpop queens are back. 2NE1 has released their new single album titled "Missing you". As long as the song was publicized, the song ranked real-time first rank on 9 music charts in Korea.

New single <Missing You> is an emotional song suitable for winter. Title 'Missing You' shows well the complex emotion of broken woman. With low base, strong synthetic sound, rock ballad song it is. Sorrow from farewell and longing and missing feeling are described in the song.

The hottest issue about the song is a nude scene of CL. The scene goes toward the climax of the song with the sorrowfulness. YG Entertainment said that "CL tried a nude scene. Rather than being sexy, it shows a crossing between outer beauty and inner sorrow of woman, giving a mythical feeling like an artistic piece."

2NE1's new song is pretty new itself, too. Rather than rhythmical dance, they released very emotional ballad. This kind of song is pretty new to 2NE1, who is more well known as rock dance singers. Their music video also has somewhat mythical aura.  





Photo credit @YG Entertainment

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