What is blogShare? and How to blogshare?

What is blogShare? and How to blogshare?

To simply put, to blogshare is to share something on your blog. But there are some points how it is different from just 'sharing'. blogShare exists for bloggers and marketers. It is a new type of blog advertisement, that makes blogger earn profits.

1. You can share some goods or products that you may like from the blogshare website. Those goods are usually from online shops.
2. Click the logo, or click [blogshare this] button on the page, then the pop-up window comes out. By entering your blog id and password, you can easily share the goods and its details to your blog.
3. After you share the post, someone might buy the goods through your blog.
4. Then you, the blogger who posts the goods, get rewards, sales incentives. Those rewards are all different from each good, and they are written in blogshare website.

if you like it, 
then blog it and get rewards!

You can blogshare through my blog, too. As you can see some clothing posts, you will easily find a [blogshare this] button. If you click that button, then you can share the same clothing on your blog.

Have fun with blogShare!