11 groups of original contents such as Kang Daniel & MONSTA X from Wanna One are released today! New platform “UNIVERSE” is talked about

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The K-POP entertainment platform “UNIVERSE” was released simultaneously in 134 countries around the world from today, January 28th (Thursday).

Universe is an all-in-one platform that allows you to enjoy various on-offline fandom activities on mobile. In line with the message “For Fans, With Artists,” IT technology and entertainment content are fused to create a platform that brings artists and fans closer together and connects them with fun.

In the universe, “media” which exclusively provides music videos (MV), video distribution, photo collections, radio, etc., “space FNS (Fan Network Service)” where artists and fans can freely communicate, videos about artists, fan art “Content creators” who can create and share such information with each other will be provided.

In addition, “Private Message & Calls”, which allows you to receive voice calls based on the message created by the artist at any time, making full use of AI voices developed by the artist, Fandom (specific fan) “Collection” where you can receive rewards for recording activities, “Studio” where artists can style the characters who participated in motion capture and body scan, and create MVs using the styled characters. Contents as such are to be released.

Starting today, various original content videos featuring 11 groups of artists such as Kang Daniel and MONSTA X, and the MV full version of the universe music “DD-DANCE” in which IZ * ONE participated will be released. At FNS, you can also see comments and everyday photos that the artist has thought of for his fans.

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・ UNIVERSE Twitter: https://twitter.com/into__universe
・ Universe YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/into__universe/
・ UNIVERSE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/into__univers

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