2PM Nichkhun receives the “Starlight Artist Award” at the Weibo awards ceremony in China

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Photo=JYP Entertainment

2PM’s Nichkhun won the “STARLIGHT ARTIST” award at the Weibo awards ceremony in China.

On May 20, Nichkhun won the “Starlight Artist” (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand region) trophy at the “2021 Weibo Starlight Awards” held online. This time, he won the award once again, proving his popularity in the region which he has previously won it in 2019.

The Weibo Starlight Awards is an annual awards ceremony hosted by Weibo, China’s largest social networking service (SNS) platform, and is attended by a large number of famous local and international artists, boasting tremendous influence.

At this award ceremony, Nichkhun was recognized for his vigorous activities and achievements in China during the year of 2020, and was ranked first in the “2020 Popular Overseas Stars” category, which ranks the popularity of overseas artists based on objective indicators such as the amount of Weibo traffic and activities. In the Weibo Hallyu Chart, he was ranked No. 1 for four consecutive months from September to December.

Nichkhun has also been active as an actor, steadily showcasing his acting skills, gaining recognition for his influence as Mochi, a kind and charming man, in the Thai film “Brother of the Year,” which was released in 2018 and recorded the second highest cumulative local ticket revenue for the year. In November last year, he was confirmed to appear in the Hollywood movie “Hong Kong Love Story”. In this movie, Nichkhun will be co-starring with famous veteran Chinese actor Kenneth Tsang and actor Byron Mann, who worked on the Netflix drama “Altered Carbon.”

At the end of June, 2PM announced that they would be making a complete comeback with the release of a new album, and since this is their first complete comeback in five years since their 6th full-length album “GENTLEMEN’S GAME” was released in 2016, fans in Korea and abroad have been expecting a lot from them.

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