2PM Taec-yeon and Kim Hye-yoon will appear in the new drama “Tale of the Secret Royal Agent and Jo Yi”… High expectations for their first collaboration

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2PM’s Taec-yeon and Kim Hye-yun are going on a painful investigative adventure in “Tale of the Secret Royal Agent and Jo Yi.”

The new drama from cable channel tvN, “Tale of the Secret Royal Agent and Jo Yi” (script by Lee Jae Yoon, directed by Yoo Jong Sun), Revolves around secret royal inspectors whose job is to go undercover and expose corruption. It especially focuses on the journey of a lazy secret royal inspector and a fiery woman who has a modern way of thinking as they join hands to investigate the truth.

Goshi and Joy” will be a thrilling adventure story and a poignant “investigation show” in which an apparently respectable civil servant who has a hard time getting ahead and a curious woman who is abandoned travel together to an unknown forest where monstrous corrupt officials and ugly bad habits are prevalent. 

The production team said, “Taec-yeon and Kim Hye-yoon will be working together for the first time in this film, and they will be conducting a painful nationwide police investigation,” adding, “The production staff is most excited about their fresh and fun chemistry. We hope you will be interested in and love the comical and lively activities of the outsiders of the Joseon Dynasty.”

The show will air on tvN in the second half of 2021 in Korea.

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