A couple of posters of the new drama “River Where the Moon Rises” starring Kim So Hyun & Jis … Painful eye contact

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A couple posters of “River Where the Moon Rises” has been released, which pictures painful eye contact between Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo.

KBS 2TV’s new moon fire drama “River Where the Moon Rises” is a fusion historical drama depicting the unyielding pure love of the fate of Princess Pyeong-gan (Kim So-hyun), whose life was all about Kogure, and Shogun Ondal (Ji Soo), whose history is love. It’s romance. There is a lot of interest in the love stories of young people drawn by Kim So Hyun and Jis.

Meanwhile, today (21st), a couple poster of Pyongan and Ondal was released and is attracting attention. The sad atmosphere that fills the poster makes the viewer’s heart throb.

In addition, the phrase “Princess Pyongan and the stupid Ondal, a love story that everyone knows but no one knows” on the poster is eye-catching. It has stimulated curiosity about how their well-known love story, which has been widely known for about 1500 years, will be revived in the living room of Koreans in 2021.

Above all, just looking at each other, Pyongan and Ondal’s chemistry (compatibility with the other) completes a perfect picture. You can feel various emotions such as firm trust and sadness from the eye contact of two people looking at each other. Expectations are rising for what kind of story the “River Where the Moon Rises” will draw, which includes various stories from the poster alone.

“River Where the Moon Rises” has left a strong impression on each content to be released, such as special advance videos, preview posters, and couple posters, ahead of the first broadcast.

The drama “River Where the Moon Rises” will start broadcasting in South Korea at 9:30 pm on February 15th as a program after “Secret Royal Inspector: Korean Secret Investigation Team”.

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