Actor Kim Sung-soo, has he ever been in love with a celebrity? Confesses his surprising past: “My last love was…”

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Photo=KBS 2TV’s “Sumi Lodge” broadcast screen capture

Actor Kim Sung-soo confessed that he hasn’t been in love for 10 years.

Kim Sung-soo and actor Jeong-cheol Park, who have been friends for 23 years, made a guest appearance on the recent Korean broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Sumi Lodge”

On the broadcast, Kim Sung-soo was asked, “When was your last relationship? Kim Sung-soo drew attention by saying “10 years ago” to the question “When was your last relationship?

In response, EXID’s Hani, the MC, responded, “You seem to be very high-eyed,” to which MC Park Myung-soo replied, “Are you?” Then MC Park Myung-soo asked straight away, “Maybe that way?”

Kim Sung-soo said firmly, “I love women the most in this world.” He continued, “It’s been ten years since I stopped falling in love, but I’ve continued to work without a break. At the time, I thought I’d think about it (love) after I finished my current work, but before I knew it, time had passed.

He also said, “I have balanced work and love. I’ve also been with celebrities.

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