Actress Kim Da-mi will appear in a new variety program “Disappearance”

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Actress Kim Da-mi will appear in “Disappearance,” a co-production between Discovery Channel Korea and SKY Channel.

Studio Discoverys sixth original project, “Disappearance,” is a new genre program that captures the diverse ways in which she spends her free time traveling alone in different parts of Korea, and will deliver her charms that which you cant see in her regular broadcasts.

Kim Da-mi debuted in the movieThe Witchand won all the rookie awards and emerged as the next generation actress representing the 20s. Through the dramaItaewon Class,” which aired last year, she played the role of the free-spirited and cool Jo Yi-soo and gained popularity. There is a lot of interest in checking out Kim Da-mis new and various appearances in the new variety show ‘Disappearance.

The show is co-produced by Discovery Channel and SKY TV’s general variety channel SKY, and will be broadcast simultaneously on both channels in May.

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