Actress Kim Sae-ron, who was suspected of drunk driving, is facing backlash for trying to prove her livelihood by working part-time at a cafe.

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배우 김새론. / 사진=텐아시아DB

Actoress Kim Sae-ron. / Photo: TenAsiaDB

Actress Kim Sae-ron (23), who was suspected of drunk driving, is facing backlash for trying to prove his livelihood by working part-time at a cafe.

The actress posted a photo of herself working part-time at a franchise coffee shop on her social media account on Tuesday. Kim Sae-ron, who was under house arrest for drunk driving, had not uploaded to SNS for about 10 months after posting an official apology, but broke the silence after her first hearing on the 8th and posted a photo of her part-time job at a cafe.

Earlier, during the hearing on the 8th, she said, “I am staying away from alcohol as much as possible,” and “I am supporting my family as a girl. I am paying for the damages and experiencing living difficulties,” Kim appealed for a leniency, and as if to prove her statements, she posted a picture of herself working part-time at a cafe.

/사진 = 김새론

/photo=Kim Sae-Ron

However, the photo was frowned upon by the public. In the photo, Kim is haphazardly tying up her hair with gloved hands. She also wears a mask at the counter, but when she’s actually baking, she’s not wearing a mask and his hair is hanging down in the dim light. In response, the public pointed out that Kim’s self-restraint was insincere and her hygiene was problematic.

Kim, who claims to be struggling to make ends meet, also posted a photo that could be read as a nuance that she is earning a living through a part-time job at a cafe, causing many to doubt her sincerity in repenting of her drunk driving.

In May of last year, Kim crashed into a street tree and a transformer while driving drunk. After fleeing the scene, she was caught by police with a blood alcohol level of 0.2%, well above the 0.08% threshold for license revocation. As a result of this accident, the transformer was damaged and the electricity supply was cut off to 57 stores in the area, affecting merchants.

In addition, Kim was once again criticized for hiring a “full-time lawyer” from a large law firm even though she claimed hardship.

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