aespa appears on “Weekly Idol” for the first time since their debut… performing a medley of SM seniors’ hit songs.

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Photo=MBC every1, MBC M “Weekly Idol”

Girl group aespa, popular for their cool and powerful charm, will make a guest appearance on “Weekly Idol.”

The show will air on MBC every1 and MBC M today (26th) and will feature aespa’s new single “Next Level” on stage. You can also enjoy the artist’s special stage in the “‘Weekly Idol’! Home Mini Concert” section, where the girls’ special performance will also be shown, is highly anticipated by global fans.

At a recent recording of “Weekly Idol,” SM Entertainment’s rookie group aespa said they prepared a medley of representative songs of their seniors from SM, who are famous for their sharp dance moves, and expressed their ambition to show off their diverse charms not seen in their existing albums. When the two MCs saw the girls on stage, they were impressed by the way their eyes changed with each concept, and they foresaw the birth of a new cover artisan.

As the stage interview continued, the show’s MC, SUPER JUNIOR’s Eunhyuk, a senior member of SM, gradually showed his growing anger. The episode where he finally forgot that he was the MC and almost gave up on the interview, and the episode where the interview ended smilingly with the tasteful response of aespa can be seen in the show.

You can check out the medley of dance performances and the smiling chemistry between the senior and junior members of SM on “Weekly Idol,” which will be broadcast simultaneously on MBC every1 and MBC M at 5 p.m. today, and on Netflix.

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