AFTERSCHOOL Nana & Former SISTAR Kim Da-som Releases selfie shot “Friendship”

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Photo = Nana Instagram
AFTER SCHOOL’s Nana and former SISTAR’s Da-som appealed their friendship.

On the 2nd, Nana and Dasom released selfie shots on their Instagrams.

Nana wrote “sisters.” And Dasom wrote a charming comment, “Cute Nana-chan, mine.” Nana then commented, “Get it, I’ll give it all,” and appealed for friendship.

In the photo, the two are smiling with their faces stuck together. The appearance of Nana and Dasom, showed various expressions in a relaxed atmosphere and the friendly everyday appearance made fans smile.

Fans support the friendship between Nana and Dasom by leaving comments such as “Cute older sisters,” “I want you to have a good time with your best friends,” “Like friends,” and “They are really beautiful.”

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