All-around musician Loren releases EP ‘Put Up a Fight’

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(SEOUL, March. 13) – All-around musician Loren (Lee Seung-joo) is set to release a full-length album.

On the 13th, Loren’s agency, The Black Label, released two new profile images and an album cover image through their official social media channels, announcing the release date and album name.

In the images, Loren shows off his unique personality. He looks chic and intense as he stares into the camera, exuding charisma. In addition, his visuals harmoniously blend into a dreamy mood in a space where light and darkness coexist, and his vacant gaze overwhelms the viewer.

The album cover image reveals Loren’s silhouette and mood playing under a deep night sky, giving a sense of fantasy, while the brightly glowing flame raises questions about the meaning of the concept and worldview he will be presenting.

Having previously released a teaser logo motion video to build anticipation, Loren’s musical journey continues with the spoilers from his EP album, “Put Up a Fight,” rock fans around the world are eagerly anticipating its release.

Meanwhile, Loren’s new full-length album, “Put Up a Fight,” will be released on March 24 on various music sites.

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