April denies claims of infatuation, bad-mouthing manager…DSP media explains allegations one by one

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April’s agency DSP Media explains the bullying allegation from former member Lee Hyun-joo.

On the 1st, DSP Media said that former April member and current KARD member Jeon So-min tormented a specific member is “factually incorrect” and “there is no reason to make insidious attacks on a specific person.

In response to Lee Na-eun stealing Hyun-joo’s sneakers and claiming that she bought them himself, “The company gave the members 12 pairs of the same shoes of two different types. This is the first time that the company has given the members 12 pairs of the same shoes.

Along with this, “The claim that she said bad words about a certain member before the start of the program is not true.”

“We even checked the security cameras in the practice room and other places where Hyun-joo claimed to have been victimized, but we could not find any of the situations described. This is the first time that we are going to have an interview with her.

Finally, DSP Media announced that they will take a strong legal action against the false facts, dissemination, and unfounded composite photos, saying, “April’s members are having a hard time due to the unconfirmed comments.

[Full text of DSP Media official comments]

Hello, DSP Media.

We would like to provide an additional explanation regarding an unfavorable incident between Hyun-joo and an April member that was posted on one of our communities.

We didn’t want to mention it because all of the parties involved are our artists, but the seriousness of the situation reaffirmed the cause and we decided to explain this.

– Related to Jeon So-min

Jeon So Min joined our company as a trainee at the age of 16 and has been practicing silently for many years. since April’s debut, she has put in a lot of effort to fulfill her role as the team leader. It is not true that she hated and tormented a particular member.

Both Jeon So-min and Chaewon were practitioners who spent more than 3 years together in our company and already had a good relationship, so there is no reason to make insidious attacks on certain people in order to get along.

– Tumbler-related

There were about 40-50 tumblers in the accommodation, and she would fill one of these with miso jjigae and eat it with the members in the practice room. At the time, Hyun-joo claimed that it was her tumbler and Naeun immediately apologized at that time, and Hyun-joo also shared the miso jjigae with the members.

– Shoes related

The company gave the members 12 pairs of the same shoes of two different types. Among them, four members had the same size, and this is the happening that happened because of this.

– Pre-program swearing related

The statement about swearing against a particular member before the start of the program is not true.

– Life related

We even checked the CCTV of the practice room and other places where Lee Hyun Joo claimed to have been harmed, but we were unable to find any of the situations mentioned. This fact has been shared with Lee Hyun Joo as well as her mother upon confirmation.

– Manager related

It is true that the members of April had a close relationship with their female manager whom they spent 24 hours with at the time. The part about Kim Chae-won dating the manager that was mentioned is not based on fact, and we have never treated any particular member specially and tolerated false facts.

– Lee Hyun Joo’s mother

April’s members also recognized the seriousness of the situation and greeted her with just their eyes, not knowing what to say. This led to a widespread misunderstanding.

We are horrified by the recent need for such clarification.

Because we can’t stand to see any more members being harmed by the uncertain statements of a third party who didn’t directly see the situation at the time, we have decided to clarify things from the past that we don’t want to mention.

Right after it became known that the relationship between Lee Hyun Joo and April members were not good, the unconfirmed text was posted as if it was the truth. The unconfirmed texts are causing pain to the members of April.

We will be taking strong legal action against not only the posting and dissemination of unconfirmed falsehoods, but also the unsubstantiated composite photos posted in some communities.

Thank you.

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