ATEEZ Releases New Album “ZERO: FEVER PART.2” Promotion Map … Comeback on March 1st

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Photo = KQ Entertainment
ATEEZ has entered the comeback countdown.

On the 8th, a promotion map of the new album “ZERO: FEVER PART.2” was released through their official SNS.

The image with a pattern that looks like a swaying flame is engraved on the background of the clipboard, starting with release of the ATEEZ collective concept photo at midnight on the 9th, personal concept image, album track list, performance preview, etc. The opening schedule is engraved.

Especially for the month leading up to the release date, not only will they interact with fans with a wealth of comeback content, but the schedule displayed with question marks draws curiosity.

ATEEZ opened a new series through the previous album “ZERO: FEVER PART.1” and showed a solid world view story through a diary film of about 16 minutes. From the moment the album name was released, fans’ expectations have risen further as to what kind of story is included in this “PART.2”.

ATEEZ’s new album “ZERO: FEVER PART.2”, will make a comeback for the first time in half a year and will be released through music distribution sites at 6 pm on March 1.

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