B1A4 Jin-young mentions return to work after his discharge, “Police Class” and his music career, “I’m going to give my heart to my fans…”

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Photo=”1st Look”. interview

B1A4’s Jin-young’s gravure and interview have been released.

In the recently released interview, he said, “My first impression was very good. I started reading the script and read the whole thing at once. It’s a story that takes place in a police academy. I think it’s the first time that a full-fledged drama has been written about students in a police academy. That’s why I’m sure it will be an interesting and innovative drama,” he said, announcing his return to drama.

When asked about the expectations for his music, he has the nickname “Jintoven (Jin-young + Beethoven),” he said, “I’m steadily preparing. I always think that I have to satisfy the hearts of my fans who are waiting for my songs. I want to do activities that deliver my musical values, not just simple songwriting, and I think there are many ways to do that,” he said, raising expectations for his activities as a producer.

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