Bae In-hyuk of “Blue Spring From A Distance” transforms into a perfectionist with a difficult personality.

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Bae In-hyuk opens up about “Blue Spring From A Distance” and his character.

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Blue Spring from a Distance” (script: Ko Young-soo, director: Kim Jung-hyun), which will begin airing in Korea on June 14, is the story of a group of people whose youth is spring from afar, but not from up close. Starring a number of fresh young actors, the drama is different from the traditional campus drama in that it portrays the real-life problems of college students, and is expected to bring excitement and sympathy to viewers this summer.

Bae In-hyeok plays Nam Soo-Hyun, a student in the Department of Business Administration at Myung-Il University. He works late at his part-time job and tends to fall asleep during lectures, but he always gets an A+ in all his classes. He is said to have a unique and difficult personality that keeps people away from him and gives him a “bad guy” charm. He also has a complicated relationship with new student Yeo Joon (Park Ji Hoon from Wanna One), which adds a strange sense of tension to the drama.

In the photo released today, Bae In-hyuk shows a cynical expression on his face, announcing the birth of a “tsundere” character that is hard to hate. 

Bae In-hyuk said, “Nam Soo-Hyun is a person who has lived with a strong sense of responsibility. He is cold, unsociable, and calm, but his protective instincts are tickled by the feeling of ‘why does he keep himself locked up like that?

He also expressed his love for the character, saying, “Nam Soo-Hyun and I have something in common in that he is the eldest son. I felt that he was similar to me in the sense of responsibility and in the way he treats his younger brother (sister) and thinks about family. The biggest difference is his personality. Unlike Nam Soo-Hyun, who is distant and keeps people away from her, I like people and am proactive,” he said, adding that the character of Nam Soo-Hyun, who is similar to him in some ways and different in others, was refreshing to play.

Bae In-hyuk’s transformation into a perfectionist with a difficult personality and his diverse charms can be seen in KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Blue Spring from a Distance,” which will begin airing in Korea at 9:30 p.m. on June 14.

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