Bigflo’s Euijin will hold an online live stage on February 14th, ahead of his birthday!

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Bigflo’s Euijin will hold “EUIJIN ONLINE LIVE” Happy Valentine’s Day “” through the video platform FC LIVE from 19:00 on February 14, 2021 (Sun).

Euijin has shown various appearances on the online live stage last year as well. It was a stage where you can see various aspects of him, such as dancing and singing performances. and with enthusiastic support of the fans, it was decided to hold an online live event again this year. This time, it will be during Valentine’s Day. And since February 15th is Euijin’s birthday, he would like everyone to come and celebrate.

In November 2018, Euijin showed his ability to dance like an idol in the dancing romance variety show “Somebody” broadcasted in South Korea. Expectations are rising from now on what kind of stage he will show. An online autograph session will be held after the online fan meeting.

■ Event overview
“EUIJIN ONLINE LIVE” Happy Valentine’s Day “

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