BLACKPINK, a concert-like performance!? Showcases 18 songs including solos at “Coachella”

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BLACKPINK once again heated up the night at Coachella. It was a hot night with a brilliant performance and a completed stage, with the cheers of the audience. With the addition of official pen lights, BLACKPINK completed a dream-like stage, all in pink at Coachella.

On the 22nd (local time), they appeared as headliners at the “Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival,” the largest music festival in the United States held in Indio, California. This was their second stage following their performance on the 15th.

They filled the stage with brilliant performances and hit songs that the world is crazy about. When BLACKPINK appeared, the audience greeted them with cheers. BLACKPINK responded to the cheers with a dynamic stage. As headliners for the second time in a row last week, BLACKPINK shouted “I Love Coachella” and “Thank you, Coachella” and spent a hot night with the audience.

They performed stages such as “Pink Venom,” “Kill This Love,” “How You Like That,” “Pretty Savage,” “Kick IT,” “Whistle,” “BOOM BAYAH,” “Lovesick Girls,” “PLAYING WITH FIRE,” “Typa Girl,” “Shut Down,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” and “Forever Young” for 90 minutes. BLACKPINK showed a highly polished stage with their brilliant performance and stage configuration. The overwhelming performance with 24 dancers, and the unique performance of “Typa Girl” using fans drew attention with their individuality. It was enough to leave a strong impression of BLACKPINK’s presence.

Furthermore, each member of BLACKPINK appealed their various charms through solo stages. Starting with Jenny’s “You and Me,” Jisoo’s “FLOWER,” Rosé’s “On The Ground,” and Lisa’s “MONEY,” which started with a dance performance, it was a stage of four different colors with each member’s personality. The audience cheered even more for the stage where the BLACKPINK members’ individual colors could be felt.

Especially on this day’s performance, BLACKPINK’s official penlight was seen everywhere at the venue. The passionate performance of BLACKPINK was completed with the pink cheers of the fans, making it a more meaningful night.

BLACKPINK expressed their gratitude for being headliners at Coachella several times. They previously stated their excitement saying, “I think my dream has come true” at their previous performance.

Before the last stage, Jisoo shouted, “When I came here four years ago, I was so nervous and didn’t even know how many people there were, but today, so many people came to see us, and I feel immature about some parts that I did my best to prepare, but I think I had fun on stage. Thank you. I Love Coachella!” and expressed their gratitude again.

BLACKPINK, who became the first Korean artist to perform as headliners at “Coachella,” gracefully ended their journey with this day’s performance. They once again proved their worldwide popularity amidst the audience’s hot singing and cheering.


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