BLACKPINK Rosé achieved an amazing record in her solo activities, but “there were many areas where I was lacking…”

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BLACKPINK’s Rose graced the cover of the June issue of fashion magazine “ELLE”.

In the photo shoot, Rose showed off her lovely figure.

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, she was asked about her  solo activities. Regarding the amazing record she has achieved, with over 500,000 pre-orders for his solo album “R” and the title track “On The Ground” reaching number one on the Billboard Global Chart, Roze said, “I actually feel a lot of embarrassment. It was my first solo activity, so I saw a lot of things I was lacking. Despite this, I’m grateful for all the love I received. If I have the chance to do it again, I would like to have more time to enjoy my activities.”

“When I listen to music, I try to catch the emotion and message that the artist is trying to convey, and I would be happy if the message I am trying to convey through music is also conveyed to you. I want to be that kind of singer.”

When asked  what she felt about her success in her solo activities following the group activities of BLACKPINK, she replied, “I think that if I am satisfied with the results, then I can say that I have succeeded.” When asked about how she felt about her success, she replied, “I think that if I am satisfied with the product, then I can say that I have succeeded.”

You can check out Rosé’s gravure and interview in the June issue of ELLE.

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