BLACKPINK’s collaboration song “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez has exceeded 400 million MV views … Overwhelming popularity

BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” music video has exceeded 400 million views. Their is their 10th video to do so and highest number for a K-POP girls group.

Today (16 day), according to YG ENTERTAINMENT, BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” music video is this At around 2:06 pm on the day, the number of YouTube views exceeded 400 million.

About 80 days after it was released on YouTube, BLACKPINK’s mega-hits “How You Like That” and ” It’s the third fastest speed after “Kill This Love”.

BLACKPINK will also show videos of more than 400 million YouTube views, including this “Ice Cream” 80 It became a group that also owns books. BLACKPINK, who has already recorded overwhelming numbers in the K-POP girls group, is gradually widening the gap.

“Ice Cream”, a collaboration song with world-famous pop star Selena Gomez, is a pop genre song with a simple rhythm and a light sound. The cute and refreshing concept that he tried for the first time caught the hearts of fans all over the world.

After the release of “Ice Cream”, it ranked first in the iTunes worldwide ranking, and then the US billboard “HOT 100 ) ”Was ranked 13, updated the highest grade of the K-POP girls group by himself, and succeeded in charting in for 8 consecutive weeks. Achieved a feat to do.

Also, the 1st full album “THE ALBUM” containing this song is the official album of US Billboard 200 and the UK. Both came in second on the chart. This was also the result of renewing the best results as a K-POP girls group.

Their global presence is even greater. The total number of videos recorded on YouTube with 100 million views is 22, and the number of YouTube channel subscribers has steadily increased, and now 081 It has reached 10,000 people and is the second largest artist in the world in this field.

BLACKPINK has recently been ranked number one in the “World’s Most Influential Pop Stars” by Bloomberg. It was the first Asian singer to get a lot of attention as a result of suppressing the brilliant pop stars such as Cardi B and Justin Bieber.

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