BTOB releases Mnet “KINGDOM” final competition song “Show And Prove”.

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Photo=CUBE Entertainment

BTOB has released a new song ‘Show And Prove’.

On the 28th, at noon, the new song “Show And Prove” for the final competition of Mnet “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR” was released on various music sites. Immediately after its release, it reached No. 1 on Bugs’ real-time chart, proving its popularity.

In addition to ranking at the top of Genie Music’s real-time music chart, BTOB’s famous songs performed on “KINGDOM” ranked one after another, making them realize their popularity.

The new song “Show And Prove” was produced by member Minhyuk himself, who participated in the production and finished the song to perfection. It’s an imposing number that invites you into their own world, shouting out the BTOBs of the world.

It starts with a tragic and tense sound, and then changes to a bright and beautiful composition is characterized by the song, rock elements and strings, even the quire ‘Show And Prove’ is a title that is suitable for the glamorous and majestic is the point.

In ‘KINGDOM’, BTOB showed a unique concept for each stage and explosive vocal ability to match it, proving the qualifier ‘as expected of BTOB’, every time the legendary stage.

The stage of “Show And Prove” will be shown for the first time on June 3 at 7:50 p.m. on Mnet “KINGDOM: LEGENDARY WAR”.

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