“BTOB’s new unit” BTOB 4U mentions members in the army “I have cherished the group name … I want to work together as soon as possible”

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Absence of Il-hoon, Hyun-sik, and Sungjae while BTOB 4U members are in military service , showed a regrettable appearance.

3:00 pm on Sunday, Gwangjang-dong, Seoul YES 9592387 BTOB 4U held a showcase to commemorate the release of their 1st mini album “INSIDE” at the live hall.

BTOB 4U is a new unit of BTOB consisting of Eun Kwang, Minhyuk, Chang Sub, and Peniel, and the unit name means “FOR YOU” and “4”. which has two meanings, “a group of people gathered.”

On this day, BTOB 4U commented on Il-hoon, Hyun-sik, and Sungjae who are watching over their activities while in the military. Chang-sub said, “All three are doing their best in military service. A year has passed during this time. There is still a lot left.” “Still waiting, and we are also active, so don’t worry, do your best in military life. I hope the day will come when seven people will get together soon. ”

The members of BTOB 4U revealed, “I have cherished the name BTOB for the members who cannot stay together.” Eun Kwang joked, “I think I could have been a BTOB with only five people, but almost half of the members aren’t there.” “I’m sorry for the members who can’t act as BTOB. I’m also a member of BTOB in the military. When I saw them, I had a strong desire to work. I had that feeling, and I decided on the unit name with the feeling of waiting for all the members of BTOB to gather. ”

The members of BTOB 4U expressed, “It’s the most disappointing that seven people can’t work together,”. Eun-Kwang said, “The reaction of the members was good.

BTOB 4U’s 1st mini album “INSIDE” was released on this day at 6 pm through each music distribution site.

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