“BTOB’s new unit” BTOB 4U, new song “Show Your Love” MV released … Comfortable message

BTOB 4U delivers a comforting message to those tired of the new coronavirus.

At 6 pm on the 16th, BTOB 4U’s 1st mini album “INSIDE” was released through their music distribution site.

BTOB 4U is a new unit of BTOB, consisting of Eun Kwang, Minhyuk, Chang Sub and Peniel. The unit name has two meanings, “For you” and “Four members have gathered”.

The 1st mini-album “INSIDE” has a surprising charm inside them, and it is a work with an innocent atmosphere that is different from the atmosphere shown at BTOB.

The title song “Show Your Love” is a Moombahton dance number with the message “Let’s live in love with each other even in difficult times”. In particular, the song written, composed and arranged by Hyun-sik, a member who has steadily participated in BTOB’s album, is drawing more attention before joining the army.

Hopeful lyrics are also impressive. They said, “Tell me, it’s not difficult. Baby / Don’t hesitate to say love / Everybody singing” Show Your Love “” “Show your love / No more power than love / Say your love / More love Sing “the power of love” with lyrics such as “Let’s spread and make you laugh”.

The point dance with a message is also eye-catching because it is a song made with the intention of overcoming “difficult times”. In a media showcase held prior to this, Chang-sub said, “There is  choreography in the dance to overcome the new coronavirus. Why does the world hurt more than beautiful?” I put the meaning of wanting to do it. ”

Will BTOB4U, who returned after breaking the military white period of about two years (a blank period due to the enlistment of members), be able to attract listeners as well as MELODY (BTOB fans) who have been waiting for a long time? Be expected.

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