BTS & Baek Jong Won collaborate to promote Korean ham! Publish delicious food (with video)

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Photo = SBS “Delicious Rendezvous” broadcast screen capture
Culinary researcher Baek Jong-won and BTS (BTS) have joined forces to promote “K-Ham”.

A project to promote Korean pork was released on the SBS “Delicious Rendezvous” broadcasted in South Korea on the 28th, and actress Shin Ye-eun made a guest appearance.

The Handon (Korean pork) association has sought help from the show “Delicious Rendezvous” to solve the serious slowdown in consumption of unpopular parts such as the hind legs of Korean pork. Upon hearing this, Baek Jong-won embarked on a culinary study using the hind legs of Korean pork.

Baek Jong-won has released a recipe for kimchi jjigae with hind legs of Korean pork. SUPER JUNIOR’s Hee-chul was worried, “Can I publish the recipe of the restaurant on the air?” He showed off Mukbang (eating scene).

Baek Jong-won has developed a canned ham that utilizes the hind legs of Korean pork. Thus “K-Ham” was born, which has a research period of 80 days.

Baek Jong-won transformed into a business king and embarked on the promotion of “K-Ham”.

Having mobilized all his connections, he also made a video call to BTS to appeal to his friendship by calling each member’s name. Next, Baek Jong Won told BTS that he would give “K-ham” as a gift and asked for PR, saying, “I want you to show me how to cook and eat deliciously.”

And Baek Jong Won will even appear as an ardent fan of BTS’s self-produced reality program “Run BTS”, and promoted “K-Ham” together. Baek Jong-won gave a thumbs up after tasting the ham ramen and potato chapaguri.

RM, the leader, said, “I made it for a good purpose, so I hope many people, including us, will use it and love it.”

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