BTS (BTS) will appear on TBS’s special program to be broadcasted in December! Expectations rise for exclusive interviews

Photo = BTS Official Facebook

BTS (BTS) will appear on a Japanese program.

Today (16 day), BTS Announced their appearance on “BTS Exclusive Interview & Live SP” through Japan’s official Twitter account.

The program will debut on December and will be broadcasted on TBS, CS TBS Channel 1 on the 7th and 19. Six people, RM, Jin, J-HOPE, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, excluding SUGA, will appear.

SUGA underwent surgery to suture the left shoulder joint on the 3rd of this month. It was due to the effects of an accident in 2012 a year before his debut. He was diagnosed with humerus dislocation of the shoulder. After that, he suffered from persistent shoulder pain, and last year he was diagnosed with “left posterior labrum injury” by a doctor and received multiple treatments so as not to interfere with his activities.

He is currently resting, and after being diagnosed by a doctor that the operated area has stabilized and recovered, he will go on stage after rehabilitation in a healthy manner. For the time being, he will not participate in most of the official activities except for some dates, but will concentrate on recovery.

BTS will release their new album  this month on the 20th. BE (Deluxe Edition) . The members actively participated in the overall production of the new album in not only the music work, but also the concept, album composition, visual design, and music video.

The title song is “Life Goes On”, and RM, SUGA, and J-HOPE participated in the production.

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