BTS First meeting with V. . . What is your impression of PD Na Yeong-seok?

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On the 7th, BTS (Bangtan Boys) appeared on the tvN variety show “Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip” to collaborate with their self-produced variety show “Run BTS!

When the members saw producer Na Yeong-seok make a surprise visit to the filming site, they were nervous and excited at the same time, and V in particular welcomed him with an adorable smile that showed his happiness.

Na Yeon-seok said that it was the first time he met V. “I’ve worked with Choi Woo-sik and Park Seo-joon a lot, and I heard that they are like a close brotherhood,” he said. The members laughed when he said, “Choi Woo Sik and Park Seo Joon are like unicorns,” and V revealed that he was a fan of “Fifteen Nights of Business Trip,” which made the scene more relaxed.

Spoiler Alert :

After the five-minute TV broadcast, an additional “What Are You Doing Now” section was released on the official YouTube channel, where each member had to carry out a mission of their own choosing.

In this game where the last person to succeed in sabotaging the other members’ missions wins, V went on a face-saving mission from the start. He showed his cleverness by putting away food and other things, and naturally doing things that were not his mission, so that the members would not notice.

V, who had to dance to the end of the hit song “IDOL,” confused not only the members but also the viewers with his trick of lying down on the floor without dancing from the beginning. In order to sabotage each other’s mission, he laid down on the floor with the members and brought comfort with his childlike cheerful laughter.

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