BTS, Lotte’s new key visual for “XYLITOL” revealed!

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Lottee Corporation has released a new key visual for the third year of the “Smile to Smile Project,” which aims to spread smiles around the world with global superstars BTS. The brand “Xylitol,” which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, has been delivering smiles from mouth to mouth with the slogan “To a cavity-free society.” In 2023, the third year of this project, the catchphrase “Let’s XYLITOL!” will be proposed with BTS to showcase the attraction of Xylitol through various scenes.

BTS showcased a “teeth” pose, rather than a “heart” pose, for the new key visual shoot. After making a “heart” pose by connecting their thumbs and the other 4 fingers together, they separated their thumbs, creating a “teeth” pose. Pay attention to each member’s unique “teeth” pose.

In addition, behind-the-scenes footage was released on the Lottete YouTube official account, featuring the relaxed atmosphere of the shoot with the members wearing lounge wear. The members’ close relationship and heartwarming mannerisms are a must-see for fans.

The attire concept for this shoot was comfortable lounge wear. BTS, dressed in attire reminiscent of the Xylitol color theme “Green,” approached the shoot with a natural expression in a relaxed atmosphere.

While looking at the posing of the other members’ “teeth,” each of the seven members challenged themselves to come up with a new pose. They adjusted their position to avoid overlapping hands with other members’ faces while determinedly posing with both hands in the “teeth” pose.

At the start of the shoot, they were hesitant about the new pose, but gradually they became used to it and showed a natural smile. The refreshing group photo shoot a la Xylitol was successful, leaving BTS satisfied.

Starting this July, in addition to airing the new TVCM, digital content will also be released. What kind of expressions will be seen in the new TVCM by BTS? Further details will be announced gradually, so we hope you will look forward to the new developments of this project.

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