BTS releases preview video of “2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE”

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Photo = YouTube broadcast video screen capture
On the 27th, BTS released a preview video of “2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE” through their official YouTube channel.

In this video, the members appeared with a cute naughty charm and a visual with a gentle and warm smile, and received a hot reaction that melted the cold wave.

BTS’s various charms grab your eyes in the images with a winter atmosphere. Although it is a short video, the charm of the members made  fans’ hearts flutter and became established as a “unrequited love” in their memories.

In addition, Korean media paid particular attention to V’s visuals. In this video, V emphasized charm with a gap from charisma to cuteness. V, who showed off his atmospheric fashion in a brown shirt and coat, gradually gazed at the camera with a lit match. The softly fore headed hairstyle made V’s big eyes, dark eyebrows, and hot eyes stand out more, further emphasizing V’s attractive and dreamy atmosphere.

In the snowy fields of ski resorts, the cute charm of V is impressive. Wearing a warm-looking yarn hat and gloves, V showed a pure expression like a naughty child toward the camera and appealing cuteness. V covered his cheeks with his gloved hands and showed a charming boy beauty. His smile made the fans enthusiastic.

Next, he made fans’ hearts flutter with a cute expression even with a personal cut wearing a muffler and earmuffs.

At the lodge where you can feel the warmth at the end of the video, the outstanding visual of V overwhelms the line of sight. The appearance of him wearing a warm sweater and showing a happy smile catches the eyes of fans. His warm smile melts the cold waves, impressed the viewers and showed the strongest visuals with sharp chin lines and high nose.

To the various charms of V, fans said, “V Kebi (V + Tokkebi) chest Kyun who has a match at the first appearance!” “I think that the senior I had a crush on was Taehyun (V’s real name). “V’s smile and chest knuckle” “It’s so cute and warm. Taehyun you can believe and see” “Chest knuckle at the first appearance, then cute and sniper! After that, fainting with outstanding visuals” ” It’s a human stove. Kim Tae-hyun is kind and cute! “

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