BTS releases the timeline for their 8th anniversary “FESTA”… Expectations rising for various contents

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BTS has released the timeline of the “FESTA” (BTS Festa is an event where BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with their fans) they prepared for the 8th anniversary of their debut.

According to the timeline of “2021 BTS FESTA” posted on their official SNS today (29th), they will start with the opening ceremony, 2021 BTS profile, choreography video, BTS photo collection, 2021 ARMY (the name of their fans) profile, 2021 FESTA test, Room Live, Stage Clip, ARMY store, and many other contents. This year’s FESTA will be held from June 2 to 13.

In anticipation of their debut day on June 13, BTS has been releasing a series of contents that the members participate in every year in early June. What kind of content will they entertain their fans with this year is highly anticipated.

On May 21, they released the dance-pop summer song “Butter,” and on May 28, they released the remix version of “Hotter,” which reinterprets the original song into house-based electro dance music.

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