BTS starts “2021 BTS FESTA” to celebrate their 8th anniversary!

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Photo=Weverse by BTS

BTS experienced a double joy.

On the 2nd, BTS posted several group photos on their official fan community platform Weverse and their official SNS with the comment, “2021 BTS FESTA OPENING CEREMONY FAMILY PORTRAIT.”

This marks the beginning of the “FESTA” that BTS has been preparing for their 8th anniversary since they debuted on June 13, 2013, celebrating their own debut anniversary every year in early June and presenting a meaningful gift to their ARMY fans. They have been performing “FESTA” every year since their debut on June 13, 2011 to celebrate their debut anniversary and to give meaningful gifts to their ARMY fans.

FESTA” will be held from June 2 to 13, and BTS will present a variety of contents including 2021 profile photos, choreography video, photo collection, Panlim family photo gallery, 2021 ARMY profile, 2021 FESTA exam, Room Live, stage clips, ARMY All Things Shop, etc. The event will feature a variety of contents.

Prior to the full-fledged launch of “FESTA,” the group experienced a double whammy: their new song “Butter,” which was released on May 21, debuted at No. 1 in the latest rankings (June 5) of the HOT 100, the main singles chart of the U.S. Billboard. According to Billboard, “Butter” was streamed 32.2 million times and downloaded 242,800 times in the U.S. in the week from the 21st to the 27th, and the radio show had 18.1 million listeners through May 30th.

With this No. 1 ranking, BTS added a fourth No. 1 song, “HOT100,” for a total of six No. 1s, a remarkable achievement.

BTS has been ranked No. 1 for three times in total, including two consecutive weeks at No. 1, since their first English-language single “Dynamite” reached No. 1 for the first time last August. They also stayed on the chart for 32 weeks, making them the longest-ranking Korean singers on the chart.

In October last year, BTS achieved their second No. 1 hit with a remix version of “Savage Love” performed in collaboration with American singer Jason Derulo, and their third No. 1 hit with “Life Goes On,” the title track of their album “BE” released in November last year.

With the new song “Butter,” BTS has achieved the feat of having all four of its songs ranked No. 1 on the “HOT 100” in just nine months.

On the morning of the 2nd, the members of BTS announced through their agency Big Hit Music, “‘Butter’ is a song that we wrote this summer because we wanted to have a song that would make everyone happy, and we are happy and honored that it has reached number one on the Billboard HOT 100. we’re so happy and honored to have reached No. 1 on the Billboard HOT 100.” “we think we were able to get the title of No. 1 for the fourth time because of the love of so many people. We’d like to thank you all.”

They added, “We hope you listen to this song and work hard while recharging your energy. We can’t think of a better gift. We sincerely thank everyone who loves ‘Butter’ and we will be a group that always strives to bring you hot, sweet and refreshing music,” they added.

In the future, BTS will be releasing a new album with a variety of new songs, and it is said that the true value of BTS can be confirmed through their albums. They have been releasing albums with a high level of perfection for the past eight years, and expectations are high for the changes and growth they will show in their new album.

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