BTS V appeared on the package of McDonald’s set and became a hot topic.

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The word “Borahae,” coined by V of BTS (I Purple You), is attracting attention as it appears on the package of McDonald’s “BTS Meal.”

Recently, McDonald’s announced that they will be selling “BTS Meal,” a set menu consisting of Chicken McNuggets, fries, and Coke, in 49 countries around the world including the U.S. from May 26 to June 20.

On the 15th, the package of the “BTS Meal” was released in Brazil ahead of the official sale, and it attracted a lot of attention, but it turned out to be a product (prototype) prepared at a McDonald’s restaurant, and the “BTS Meal” was given to a lucky fan for promotional purposes.

According to the photos released on social media, the purple product package is lined with BTS and McDonald’s logos. In particular, the phrase “Borahae” is printed in Hangul, which is eye-catching.

It is not yet confirmed whether the package of the promotional product will be the same as that of the product that will be officially sold from May 26, but it is already attracting attention as it will be a chance to introduce Hangul to the world.

The phrase “Borahae” was coined by V. He once said, “I made it to mean that we should believe in each other and love each other for a long time, just like the last color of the rainbow, purple,” and expressed his surprise, saying, “I never thought this phrase would be loved so much.”

The “Borahae” (I Purple You), purple and purple heart emoji has now become a symbol of BTS, influencing the world. Major landmarks in foreign cities visited on the global tour have welcomed BTS by lighting up purple at the same time, and collaborating brands such as Samsung Electronics have also participated in “I Purple You” by creating purple products.

The expectation that McDonald’s stores around the world will be filled with Hangul and “Borahae” has attracted the attention of fans around the world.

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