BTS’s Jimin’s wish for producer Na Young-seok? “In America with us…”

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Photo=”Run BTS”

Producer Na Young-seok smiled at BTS’ Jimin’s proposal.

On May 11, in the collaborative variety show of “Run BTS” and tvN’s “Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip,” which was released through NAVER’s live video streaming app “V LIVE” and “Weverse,” the members of BTS expressed their various wishes for the “right to ask” producer Na Young-seok.

On this day, V said, “I definitely want to use the right to ask producer Na Young-seok for a favor someday.

Jimin said, “What would you do if I asked you to appear with me when we appear in an American TV show? And he wanted Na Young-seok’s right to ask. Producer Na Young-seok replied, “That’s not a penalty for me, but an honor.”

I’d love to see him say, ‘Ten,’ in front of the Americans. in front of the Americans. It would be a lot of fun. Americans may not know what “ten” means, but they will know that somehow it’s wrong,” he said, drawing laughter.

Not to be outdone, V also asked, “Producer, can you play golf? Producer Na answered immediately, “No, I can’t.” Then V said to himself, “My father won’t be pleased. ……”, making people laugh.

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