BUMKEY releases the first single “LOST” in 2021 “I want everyone to be healed”

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BUMKEY, an R & B artist representing BRAND NEW MUSIC, has released his first single “LOST” this year.

The double single “LOST” includes the title song “Letter to heaven” featuring HOLYHOOD MUSIC’s new artist NONE, and the piano remake version of the single “HOLYHOOD (Feat.pH-1)” released in 2019. It consists of two songs. In particular, both songs have a simple composition of only warm-textured piano and vocals to convey the message of the song more intensively and give a deep impression.

BUMKEY responded to the title song “Letter to heaven” by writing a sentence like writing a letter and adding a melody, rather than writing lyrics because I wanted to make a song like a letter written by a song. , A song I made to comfort those who died unfortunately, “he said, telling all those who are having a tough time wishing this album to be healing.

Last year, BUMKEY released the single “LOVE THANG” and as well as being a big success as a producer through the label HOLY HOOD MUSIC, which he represents. Starting with this single “LOST”, he announced his activities this year as well, raising his interest in future activities.

BUMKEY’s new single “LOST”, which comforts the hearts of all those who are suffering, can now be viewed through each music distribution site.

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