Chan Dong-yoon’s TV debut: Catching a convenience store robber on a news program

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Actor Jang Dong-yoon explained his current appearance, which is different from when he debuted on the news.

Jang Dong-yoon recently appeared on the KBS 2TV music talk show “The Seasons – Park Jaebum’s DRIVE,” which aired in Korea.

Park Jaebum introduced Jang Dong-yoon as the first actor guest on the show and compared acting by singers to that of actors, calling them both “superheroes” and “elites.” Jang Dong-yoon then showcased his singing ability by performing “The Day She Cried” on the show.

Park Jaebum asked Chang Dong-yoon, “Why are you so shy? You greeted the audience several times while singing,” and then asked, “I thought you were younger than me when I first saw you because of your appearance, but when I heard you sing, I thought, ‘Is he an older brother?’ Do you like folk songs?” Chang Dong-yoon answered, “Kim Kwang-seok, who has passed away, is my favorite singer. I get really nervous when I sing on stage. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Park Jaebum then asked about his debut, saying, “Is it rare for someone to debut on TV?” Chang Dong-yoon replied, “The first time I appeared on TV was on the news. I helped catch a convenience store robber and assisted in their arrest.”

When the footage from that time was revealed, Chang Dong-yoon explained, “I look quite different, but it’s me. If you lose 7kg in that condition, your face would look the same as it does now. It was about eight years ago.”

Chang Dong-yoon and Seol In-ah will appear in the new drama “Oasis,” where they will play the intense roles of young people. They will portray characters that people may only meet once in their lifetime. The drama also stars Chu Young-woo. The character posters for the drama have been released.

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