CHECKMATE Yeon Seung & Sieun releases 2nd single “YOU” concept photo

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Photo = Grace Company Entertainment

The mixed gender group CHECKMATE has released a concept photo to let everyone know that a comeback is approaching.

On the afternoon of the 25th, CHECKMATE released their 2nd single “YOU” Yongseok and Sieun personal concept photos through their official SNS accounts.

In the released concept photo, Yongseok and Sieun caught their eyes with their intense make-up and style.

The appearance of Yongseok, has charismatic eyes and a masculine wild charm while, Sieun who wears a fascinating velvet costume boasts a mysterious and dreamy charm which stimulates curiosity about CHECKMATE’s new concept.

CHECKMATE, will release their 2nd single “YOU” on February 15th and make a comeback for the first time in about 5 months, will also release previews of sound sources, preview videos of music videos, etc. in order, starting with individual and group concept photos, and will make a comeback. The plan is to gradually boost the atmosphere.

Recently, CHECKMATE, a mixed gender group which is rare in the Korean music industry, officially debuted in September of last year with the 1st single “DRUM”. At that time, the music video of the debut song exceeded 1.12 million views in two weeks from the release.

CHECKMATE’s new single “YOU”, which has returned with an even stronger concept and music, will be released on each music distribution site from 6 pm on February 15.

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