Choi Woo-sik & Park Seo-joon talk about how the two best friends are getting along with each other … LOL

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Choi Woo-sik and Park Seo-joon showed off their friendship.

On tvN “Youn’s Stay” broadcasted in South Korea on the 22nd. They set up a short break after the first business day.

Prior to closing the morning, Youn’s Stay family prepared breakfast for the staff. Youn Yuh Jung said, “I want to eat ramen.” In response to this, Park Seo-joon made “Gyoza Ramen” by adding ramen and dumplings to the soup stock of vegetables.

After finishing the meal, the Nepalese family began packing their luggage at check-out time. The Nepalese families made the final greeting, “I am very grateful and grateful while I was here.” Subsequently, all the other guests also checked out. Choi Usik jokingly said, “It’s over, so we can all speak Korean. You’re good at it.”

After the business hours, all the staff took a break leaving work. Choi Woo-sik immediately went into the futon, and when he saw Park Seo-joon, he laughed, saying, “Brother, please turn off the sun.” Seeing as such Choi Woo-sik took out his smartphone and photographed his sleeping face. When Park Seo-joon saw the picture, he burst into laughter, saying, “When I zoom in, I’m looking at this for a moment,” and made the viewer laugh.

The Youn’s Stay family celebrated their second business day, preparing dinner for new guests.

Photo = tvN “Youn’s Stay” broadcast capture

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