CIX Bae Jin-young celebrates his birthday with a live stream! Thanks to the many congratulations from fans!

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Photo=V LIVE screen capture

CIX’s Bae Jin-young, who celebrated his 22nd birthday, expressed her gratitude to his fans.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Bae Jin-young held a birthday party through NAVER’s live video streaming app, V LIVE.

On this day, Bae Jin-young showed a lot of gifts he received from his fans and said, “The screen is a little far, isn’t it? But I wanted to show the love and sincerity of my fans. There are so many cakes,” he said. He also thanked his fans for the gifts, subway ads, cafes, exhibitions and other events.

Bae Jin-young said, “It’s a birthday that comes every year, but when it comes and I feel the love from my fans, it makes my heart feel all fluffy. Thank you very much.” “Actually, I’m very happy yesterday and today. I’ve been laughing since last night,” he said.

I haven’t eaten today,” he said, “I went to bed late last night and ate a late dinner. I also watched the SNS events of the fans and went to bed late while reading private messages and letters from the official cafe,” showing his love for his fans.

Bae Jin-young of CIX was born on May 10, 2000 and celebrated his 22nd birthday.

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