CIX Releases Last Concept Video for New Album “Hello Strange Dream”

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Photo = C9 Entertainment

CIX released the final concept video of their 4th EP album “Hello, Strange Dream” on their official SNS at midnight on the 29th.

While all the members are having fun and the atmosphere is exciting, only Bae Jin-young appears to be quietly worried, stimulating curiosity.

CIX’s new album “Hello Strange Dream” is the finale of the “Hello” series following “Hello, Stranger”, “Hello, Strange Place” and “Hello, Strange Time”. Expectations rose from early on with a different appearance from the intense charisma they had shown so far.

Expectations for a comeback are rising as the first preview video of the music video for the title song “Cinema” released by CIX in advance showed off new charms from adorable visuals to dandy and lively appearances.

CIX’s 4th EP album “Hello Strange Dream” will be released on February 2nd at 6 pm through each music distribution site.

Reporter: Ji Min Kyung

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