Cook Baek Jong Won, “Korean education system, if it doesn’t change” … The career choice just for employment is a “vicious circle”

Baek Jong Won expressed his sad feelings for the Korean education system during the shoot.

The Sagajeong market edition by SBS entertainment broadcasted the show “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant” on the 18th.

The owner of the courier kimchi jjigae shop said he chose this place because the rent was cheap.

Baek Jong Won said that he was worried about the owners founding mindset and career path that he has choosen, saying, “If you come to the monitoring room, ask a question.”

Baek Jong Won said, “I think Korea’s education system must change, and the place where you can learn deeply about what you really like must be a university.” It’s a pity that the circle is repeated with “young people who are victims of the vicious cycle of choosing and deciding their course.”

Baek Jong Won went to the owners’ store saying he would find the key to breaking this vicious circle.

The owner, who choose electronics as career path, said, “I chose the electronics department because it is easy to get a job.”

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