CRAVITY reveals schedule for follow-up song ‘Bad Habits’… Cosmic Girls EXY joins

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Photo by. STARSHIP Entertainment

CRAVITY will continue to be the next generation K-POP group rookie with their follow-up song “Bad Habits”.

According to the released schedule, CRAVITY will release concept photos, performance trailers, and performance videos in order, starting with the schedule release on the 3rd.

The follow-up song “Bad Habits” is a track from CRAVITY’s 3rd mini album “CRAVITY SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE”, which was released in January. EXY of Cosmic Girls, a senior member of their agency, participated in writing the lyrics to make it more complete, and popular producer Ryan Chung participated in composing and arranging.

‘Bad Habits’ tells the story of them being thrown into the game world and playing the role of a Rule-Breaker, adding underground trap beats to the urban genre, with a quirky main chop lead source and heavy, deep bass sound is the main focus.

CRAVITY finished their third full-length album with the title track “My Turn,” and they’ll show off their new tunes through the follow-up track “Bad Habits.

CRAVITY is considered to be the next generation of K-pop rookies, having won various rookie awards at various award ceremonies after their official debut last April. In particular, they proved their global popularity by appearing on the famous American talk show “Good Day New York” for a video interview along with their “My Turn” activity last week.

CRAVITY’s 3rd mini album ‘CRAVITY SEASON 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE’ has been released through various music distribution sites, and ‘Bad Habits’ will start its activities on the 11th.

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